by Cafe St Honoré in

We were honoured to be invited to feature in Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery - a new, kinder, dining guide designed to identify the restaurants and food experiences that go above and beyond great food and wine in the ethical, organic and environmentally sustainable ways with which they run their business.

TL&CC said: “For the past decade chefs and restaurateurs have been shifting their priorities to place a greater value on health, community, empathy and care, and supporting and sustainable ethical practices by farmers, producers and wine-makers. They are working harder than ever to cook with seasonal, locally sourced produce, reduce their carbon emissions and minimize their waste.”

It’s great to be part of a growing number of establishments that place such a high emphasis on these very important elements of running a restaurant. We’re all involved in the successful running of Cafe, so we bought the team T-shirts to show how proud we are of everyone’s contribution.

Edited by Giles Coren in the UK, you can find out how to buy a copy here.