Shetland Producer's Supper

by Cafe St Honoré


When our good friend and native Shetland lamb producer, Richard Briggs, contacted us earlier this year to suggest we host a special Shetland Supper, we were very excited! 

Now that we have a date (and most importantly, the produce) chef Neil Forbes has been able to create an exquisite menu using ingredients from Shetland's passionate food-producing community. We'll even be serving beer made with beremeal! 

Native Shetland lamb is one of Slow Food UK's 'Forgotten Foods'. The pure breed is almost half the size of commercial lambs and consequently the number of producers on Shetland who are breeding pure Shetland sheep has been in decline for a number of years. We urge you to try it - at our supper - or you can by it online direct from Richard - it's delicious! Let's ensure future generations can enjoy it too.

Richard Briggs' delicious native Shetland lamb

Richard Briggs' delicious native Shetland lamb

Join Richard and some of the Shetland community to hear more about Scotland's food heritage and to enjoy some exceptional food.  

Read Richard's blog about the event here.

To book call 0131 2262211 or email


Zetland Cheese Choux Bun, Our Sourdough & Beremeal Bannock, Shetland Butter

Bigton Plumwood Smoked Salmon, Shetland Black Potato & Shallot Salad

Native Shetland Lamb, Lynn Polson’s Buttered Cabbage & Leek, Crushed Neeps, Confit Sharpes Express Potatoes


Angus Niccol Honey Iced Parfait, Beremeal Tuille

Selection of Shetland Cheese, Beremeal Bannock, Chutney

Artisan Roast Coffee or Clipper Organic Tea & “millionbere” Shortcake